Spearhead To The Industry

Ananda College is one of the leading institutes in guiding young scholars to become the best engineers in Sri Lanka, annually contributing nearly a hundred new masterminds to the field of engineering. Simultaneously the Old Anandian Engineers’ Guild was formed in order to serve our Alma mater, Old Anandians and the society as well. To empower old Anandian engineering undergraduates and to guide them to face the challenges of the career ladder, the Old Anandian Engineers’ Guild organized “Spearhead to the Industry” on the 23rd of March, at the Centenary Building, Ananda College.

The session was organized as a mentoring session but with a more interactive style with the presence of many outstanding Anandians, starting from the President of the Old Anandian Engineers’ Guild Mr. Kithsiri Gunasekara, the Founder and CEO Naalaka H consultants, Mr. Naalaka Hewamadduma, the CEO of Link Natural PVT LTD Mr. Ashoka Fonseka, the Vice President of LTL holdings Mr. Sameera Ganegoda and the Manager of BMI holdings, Mr. Arjuna Jayadharshana.

The session was mainly focused on what is expected of an intern and where to focus as an industrial trainee. It was broadly discussed by a panel of speakers blended with their invaluable expertise in the area. On the latter part of the session, discussions were made on how to prepare a proper CV which is fundamentally important in career life. Also the session paved way to 6 of the talented undergraduates to get selected for industrial training at LTL holdings. The Old Anandian Engineers’ Guild hope to continue such valuable sessions throughout the year.

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