What it takes to be a CEO

Young Anandians participated, along with the event hosts

Remarkable personalities in corporate world came together under one roof to be a strength behind some budding engineers. They had one thing in common, love and grandeur of Mother Ananda.

The first event held by the Old Anandian Engineers' Guild, "What it takes to be a CEO", an interactive forum for young Anandians was held on 21st of October 2017. The event was lead by Mr.Kithsiri Gunasekara (president - OAEG); Director - VS Information Systems, Mr.Mithila Somasiri (Treasurer) Head of BA and consulting division; MIT, Mr. Shiran Perera (vice president) Country General Manager; HP and Mr. Jayanaath Raveendra , Head of Marketing and new products development; ICC.

The purpose of the forum was for the Anandians to make their path clearer of becoming a future leader in the industry as well as the country, providing a strength for the alma mater.

Some of the captures of the event are as follows

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